Hello, I’m Peter.

I like to write songs with my band(s) and do lots of projects. I was the prolific singer-songwriter balladeer with Fuzzknobs, you must remember us. We wrote “All I Hate”, “Heartache” and “What Do I Know”, which were top twenty hits, when the BBC weren’t being a load of shits. We dropped loads more singles too.

Then there was also my short-lived solo career during the 80s, too short, but sweet! I penned college radio singles like “All Of These Lines” and “Mr. Right” before I joined Rhythm Factory who asked me (literally) to ‘make some techno and add guitars to a music that really NEEDS guitars.’ It does, dunnit? Plus I don’t know what to do with me hands much of the time. (And there’s those restraining orders…)

I also do a side project of brilliant Krautrock and Kosmische music, but I’m not really allowed to talk about that here. But it’s called Künstfabriken and you’ll probably like it more than any of this.